Love's Reach, Volume 2

Girl genius Yuni and heartthrob teacher Sakurai are in a secret relationship no one knows about. Yuni wants to celebrate her birthday with Sakurai, but he's so busy with work that she missed her chance and invited her friends to her house instead. Yuni's family also makes an appearance, and everyone is having a great time at the birthday party! But, as expected, she feels lonely without Sakurai there ...  What will happen next?! 

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At long last, they spend a night together, away from home ... but it's just a class trip. Yuni is desperate to get a photo together with Sakurai-sensei in historic...

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The final volume! Yuni Kururugi, 18 years old, is just on the verge of becoming a happy bride, when … "There's someone else I'm interested in. I can't date you...

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