Love's Reach, Volume 4

Somehow, Sakurai-sensei's ex, Mirei Takizawa, has been assigned as a teacher at Yuni's school! Yuni attempts to hide her distress as her uncertainty grows. And just when she can no longer hold back her feelings, the unexpected strikes! As always, Volume 4 of this "forbidden (?) love" comedy is packed full of twists and turns!

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Azusa Konan, a famous model with eyes for Yuni, transfers to her school! (And what’s more, apparently the two of them were childhood friends and even fiancés?!) Suspicious about her...

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The final volume! Yuni Kururugi, 18 years old, is just on the verge of becoming a happy bride, when … "There's someone else I'm interested in. I can't date you...

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