Lovesick Ellie, Volume 8

Ellie finally confronts Ohmi-kun's everyday life?! How will she deal with the extreme extrovert fans that surround him in his universe?! As finals draw closer, Ellie gets a restraining order from her growing love life and Twitter ... because Dad is on the scene! How will things progress as they start hitting closer to home? 

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Plain (but libidinously motivated) Ellie and Year 1 heartthrob Omi-kun are now dating openly, and everything seems to be going well … until Ellie’s dad catches them kissing. Ellie’s dad...

Most Recent Volume: Lovesick Ellie, Volume 12

#FantasiesForever The time's finally come for both of them...! Ellie, plain-looking girl with a head full of crazy fantasies, has finally made up with Omi-kun, the hottest guy in school....

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