Magatsuki 2

Yasuke’s soul was accidentally transferred from the goddess of mayhem, Orihime, to his childhood crush, Akari! Not only will he die if he lets go of her at any time … he’s got to hold on while living under her family’s roof! Can Yasuke still make Orihime happy enough while attached to another … or will his embarrassing predicament get him killed before he even has the chance?

Next Volume: Magatsuki 3

With his soul now in the possesion of the undercover goddess Hinata, Yasuke is juggling the attention of three girls…and a curse! Hinata, fellow goddess Orihime, and Yasuke’s longtime crush,...

Most Recent Volume: Magatsuki 11-13

Yasuke, 15 years old, is about to build up the courage to confess his love to his childhood friend Akari, who’s fallen for him, too. There’s just one problem: Yasuke’s...

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