Magical Sempai, Volume 3

“Our new member made it bigger?!”

The bumbling sempai and her (actually, kind of considerate) assistant’s lonely Magic Club gets new members?! Two of them?? From mentalism to balloon art, the four-member Magic Club’s activities are twice as lively,—the third volume of the short gag comic about magic-gone-wrong and where various things swell! Also includes the phantom chapter that appeared in Weekly Shonen Magazine!

Next Volume: Magical Sempai, Volume 4

The sempai who boasts a 100% magic failure rate runs wild with her crummy magic when she goes out on the town. The group gets invited to do a show...

cover for Magical Sempai, 8

Most Recent Volume: Magical Sempai, Volume 8

The Magic Club gave us all many weird memories that we’ll treasure forever, and, boy, does looking back on it really reminds you of all the failures!! The Melting Valentine’s...