Magical Sempai, Volume 5

I wanna see everything, big and small! Enjoying the Summer training camp to the fullest with Sempai! No matter where or when, her magic failure rate is 100%. Sempai’s slightly off-color magic goes right to the limit. Even the Chemistry Club’s President, Madara-san, gets dragged into it … After being set loose into the world, the Magic Club puts their bodies on the line even more than usual!! This Volume 4 is packed with special summer-themed failed magic gags!!

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Sempai’s magic skills are sorely lacking, but she’s a third-year in high school. She at least wants the magic show at her final culture festival to succeed! She’s gonna try...

cover for Magical Sempai, 8

Most Recent Volume: Magical Sempai, Volume 8

The Magic Club gave us all many weird memories that we’ll treasure forever, and, boy, does looking back on it really reminds you of all the failures!! The Melting Valentine’s...