Magical Sempai, Volume 6

Sempai’s magic skills are sorely lacking, but she’s a third-year in high school. She at least wants the magic show at her final culture festival to succeed! She’s gonna try to secure a prime spot in the lineup using sleight of hand to cheat! And she’s so sure of herself that she promises to go on a date with her assistant if the show goes well?!?! Also included are two chapters from the one-shot version of Magical Sempai from before it was picked up for serialization! Check it out in the next volume of the short gag comic full of crummy magic!!

Next Volume: Magical Sempai, Volume 7

A battle of cunning breaks out between Sempai and Saki-chan to decide the next president of the Magic Club! Plus, Sempai attempts an image change… That cute but “weird” side...

cover for Magical Sempai, 8

Most Recent Volume: Magical Sempai, Volume 8

The Magic Club gave us all many weird memories that we’ll treasure forever, and, boy, does looking back on it really reminds you of all the failures!! The Melting Valentine’s...