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MF Ghost, Volume 2

In the year 202X, self-driving electric cars dominate Japan’s roads—but in MFG, a street-track motorsport league that’s captured the world’s attention, gas-powered speedsters from Porsche, Ferrari, Lamborghini and more still dominate. Enter Kanata Katagiri, freshly graduated from a British racing school and back in Japan to look for his father. His first MFG qualifying run—done in a Toyota 86—sets the stage for what will become new street-racing legend!

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Kanata Katagiri, an alumnus from a famed British racing school, pits his Toyota 86 GT against Porsche, Ferrari, Lamborghini, and other supercar giants in his first MFG race. After wowing...

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Most Recent Volume: MF Ghost, Volume 10

The next race is The Peninsula Manazuru, and with the EIght-Six's newly-installed turbo, Kanata's eager to rev his game up. But an accident the day before the race presents him...

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