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MF Ghost, Volume 4

The opening race of the MFG season enters its second and final lap. Kanata Katagiri, student of the legendary Takumi Fujiwara, is playing catch-up with the monster sports cars of the Divine Fifteen--and his incomprehensible skills are shocking the audience, the commentators, and the racers themselves.

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Next Volume: MF Ghost, Volume 5

After finishing the season opener in the single digits, Kanata plunges into the next race--the Lake Ashinoko GT. But he's joined in the qualifying round by Kazuhiro Maezono in a...

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Most Recent Volume: MF Ghost, Volume 10

The next race is The Peninsula Manazuru, and with the EIght-Six's newly-installed turbo, Kanata's eager to rev his game up. But an accident the day before the race presents him...

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