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MF Ghost, Volume 6

Kanata finished in the single digits in the season's first MFG race--and in the qualifiers for the second race at Lake Ashinoko, his talents are proving no less spectacular. When the final kicks off, it's in downpour conditions...but Kanata says the rain is on his side, and soon enough he's proving it on the roads!

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Next Volume: MF Ghost, Volume 7

The climax of Race 2, the Lake Ashinoko GT, is held in hazardous rainy conditions. Facing slick roads that'd make even the Divine Fifteen squeamish, Kanata Katagiri's rare skills shine...

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Most Recent Volume: MF Ghost, Volume 10

The next race is The Peninsula Manazuru, and with the EIght-Six's newly-installed turbo, Kanata's eager to rev his game up. But an accident the day before the race presents him...

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