Mikami-sensei's Way of Love, Volume 1

Without a single boyfriend in sixteen years, Natsume has zero relationship experience … and it’s all thanks to her super overprotective neighbor—high school teacher, Mikami-sensei!! Whether at home or at school, Natsume is always being manipulated by his strangely overbearing affections. But while it may have seemed like sibling love at first, their relationship soon takes an unexpected turn … !

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Natsume finally realizes that she truly does love the overly attached and blockheaded Mikami-sensei, and the two of them are now dating in secret! However, Mikami-sensei’s little brother Kyou-kun has...

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Angered that Mikami-sensei proposed to her on a whim, Natsume unthinkingly said that the two of them haven’t gone all the way yet. This led to the two of them...