Mikami-sensei's Way of Love, Volume 2

Natsume finally realizes that she truly does love the overly attached and blockheaded Mikami-sensei, and the two of them are now dating in secret! However, Mikami-sensei’s little brother Kyou-kun has suddenly made a return from America!! A childish squabble over Natsume breaks out between the two siblings?! The highly popular series from Bessatsu Friend! From the Mikami brothers, with double the love … Volume 2!!

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Mikami-sensei and Natsume continue to maintain their overprotective relationship at school, but carry on as lovers in secret! But lately, Mikami-sensei’s affections have been growing in intensity whenever the two...

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Angered that Mikami-sensei proposed to her on a whim, Natsume unthinkingly said that the two of them haven’t gone all the way yet. This led to the two of them...