Missions of Love, Volume 10

CROSSROADS Having been preoccupied with recovering the feelings of first love,ÊYukina accidentally lets her novels drop in the rankings, and herÊrival author Dolce has taken over top billing?! Determined toÊremedy the situation, Yukina declares a date mission where eitherÊShigure or Akira must successfully make her their girlfriend. WillÊYukina choose Shigure, who makes her heart race? Or will sheÊchoose Akira, whose devotion is unwavering? From the eBook edition.

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Cell phone novelist Yukina Himuro has decided that, in order to satisfy her fans’ demand for love stories, she must experience romance firsthand. But with her icy reputation, how can...

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Final volume! After all this time, Yukina finally realizes that her love for Shigure is real–but Shigure isn’t so easily convinced. He’s learned that their whole relationship was research for...

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