Mobile Suit Gundam WING, Volume 5

One of the biggest anime/manga properties of all time returns with the release of Mobile Suit Gundam Wing.

“I’ll surrender... But I’m not giving you my Gundam!”
Just as Doctor J had declared, Heero chooses to blow up the Wing Gundam in order to avoid handing it over to OZ. The Romefeller Foundation, the parent organization of OZ, now controls the world, and by launching the new Taurus Mobile Suits into space, they have begun the sweep of the Alliance’s space forces. After battling Heero, Zechs has recovered the Wing Gundam and repaired it at Berkley Base near the South Pole. What will Heero do next...?

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As OZ proceeds with its plan to mollify the colonies with policies of appeasement, mysterious Gundams appear in space, and the armed colonies sweep away OZ’s MS corps. Sitting in...

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The EVE WARS shift into a full-scale battle as the World Nation Army and White Fang clash. Wufei challenges Treize to a battle, which results in Treize’s abrupt defeat. Meanwhile,...

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