My Boy in Blue, Volume 14

Kako begins volunteering at an orphanage. Despite some failed attempts, through great effort, she finally succeeds in befriending(?) a member of staff, Tee-sensei. But one day, Kota's expression transforms upon seeing Tee-sensei's face ... Just as Kako is taking steps to achieve her dreams, Kota is thrown back into a past he can't escape. An exciting new chapter of our story begins! Is a storm brewing for this husband and wife?! 

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Tormented by his past and avoiding reality, Kota is spending time away from Kako and out of earshot of the voices of his worried friends. That's when Kako and Okami...

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While the orphanage where Kako volunteers is holding its festival, a man carrying a knife appears! Kota and Tee-sensei are injured, but all a worried Kako sees is Kota's shy,...

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