My Boy in Blue, Volume 8

Mikado and Kako's relationship moves into a new stage as Mikado and Jiro's story reaches its climax! The day of the dreaded hiking meet finally comes, and Jiro's promised Okami that he'll finally tell Onozuka how he feels! But what will Mikado think? Meanwhile, Kako worries about what to buy Kota for his birthday ... but when the big day finally comes, Kota gets an urgent call about his sister?!

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The fateful field trip finally begins! With Harada-sensei as the only adult keeping them in check, the gang head to blazing-hot Tokyo! What drama will unfold, and what familiar faces...

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While the orphanage where Kako volunteers is holding its festival, a man carrying a knife appears! Kota and Tee-sensei are injured, but all a worried Kako sees is Kota's shy,...

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