My Boyfriend in Orange, Volume 9

Moe has a big New Year’s resolution: to get Kyosuke to see her as a woman! And with Valentine’s Day approaching, that means she and Sayumi are making chocolate to give to Kyosuke and Kazama. While on the one hand Moe remains hopeful, on the other hand, she’s getting concerned about the paramedic Takigawa… Then, just after Moe finds herself up close and personal with firefighter prince Himeno, Kyosuke’s attitude takes a sudden and unexpected 180 turn?! It’s the most heart-pounding volume yet!

Next Volume: My Boyfriend in Orange, Volume 10

Moe feels like she must be dreaming. After an emotional conversation with her firefighter crush Kyosuke about his past girlfriend, not only does he confess that Moe saved his heart...

cover for My Boyfriend in Orange, 11

Most Recent Volume: My Boyfriend in Orange, Volume 11

Kyosuke finally returns Moe’s feelings, but he has a condition—he won’t date her until she graduates high school. For Moe, now a second-year, that day can’t come soon enough! With...

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