My Little Monster, Volume 5

Shizuku is now more determined than ever to make Haru aware of her love for him, but Haru is too preoccupied with fending off Yamaken to notice! Shizuku thinks Haru has nothing to worry about, but competitive above all, Yamaken has some plans of his own. Meanwhile, blossoming feelings turn the popular but romance-hating Natsume into a maiden in love?!

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VALENTINE CHOCOLATE SHOWDOWN Valentine's Day, which is coincidentally Shizuku's birthday,Êfast approaches and the girls decide to cook up some trueloveÊchocolates for the boys of their desire. A fun cookingÊparty gets...

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Includes over 60 pages of extras after the story! This final, extra-long volume of My Little Monster includes never-before-seen content from the series! See what Haru and the gang do on...

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