My Maid, Miss Kishi, Volume 2

This love comedy revolves around a clumsy master who wants to please his cool maid! The Hayases are one of the most famous families in Japan. They’re the elite of the elite. Kiichiro Hayase, the next heir, has only one weakness: his maid, Miss Kishi! He’s made it his goal to make his expressionless maid happy, but can he pull it off…? Kiichiro Hayase is a young man who’s among the elite of the business elite. And once again, he’s struggling to make his deadpan maid smile. This time, he’ll go on an exciting summer festival date, enter a love triangle (?) with his secretary, and recall bits of his past with Miss Kishi! Little by little, the two of them grow closer. In this love comedy, things are speeding up between the indifferent maid and her clumsy master!