My Maid, Miss Kishi, Volume 3

This love comedy revolves around a clumsy master who wants to please his cool maid! The Hayases are one of the most famous families in Japan. They're the cream of the crop! Kiichiro Hayase is the next heir, but he has one drawback: his constant clumsiness! Thankfully, Miss Kishi, his cool maid, always covers up for his mistakes. Kiichiro made it his goal to make the expressionless maid happy, but can he pull it off…? Kiichiro Hayase, a young, elite businessman, is once again struggling to make his deadpan maid smile. Only this time, a new love rival appears! One of Kiichiro's childhood friends suddenly walks back into his life…as his future fiancée?! What will Miss Kishi do? With their feelings shaken up and precious memories revived, Kiichiro and Miss Kishi's story will take a big turn!