My Maid, Miss Kishi 6, Volume

This love comedy revolves around a clumsy master who wants to please his cool maid! The Hayases are one of the most famous families in Japan. They're the cream of the crop! Kiichiro Hayase is the next heir, but he has one drawback: his constant clumsiness! Thankfully, Miss Kishi, his cool maid, always covers up for his mistakes. Kiichiro made it his goal to make the expressionless maid happy, but can he pull it off…? The clumsy master and the cool maid. Their journey is coming to an end, but not without a final hurdle. To Kiichiro's horror, the head of the Kishi family disapproves of Miss Kishi working for the Hayases. Will Miss Kishi really quit being a maid?! What will Kiichiro do, and how does Miss Kishi really feel about all of this?