My Roomie Is a Dino, Volume 2

Making friends with your sempai from work and patching things up with your ex-boyfriend are pretty normal, everyday things. Pretty much the only thing that's different about Kaede is that she has a dinosaur for a roommate. Okay, maybe that's an exaggeration, but every day is a blast, so she's gonna live it up!

Next Volume: My Roomie Is a Dino, Volume 3

We're getting an anime and a live-action adaption. Haha. Anyway, read the manga first to learn how I became roomies with a dino. The dino and I are gonna do...

cover for My Roomie is a Dino, 6

Most Recent Volume: My Roomie Is a Dino, Volume 6

After moving, Kaede's mom and dad come to hang out. Why do parents always want to see their kids' apartments? Either way, Dino's claws sure are funny. It's crazy how...