My Sweet Girl, Volume 11

En-chan has been struggling with her manga, and it’s left her feeling depressed. Hoping to cheer her up, Koeda suggests that their class should open a café inspired by En-chan’s favorite series—Magical Honey—for the school cultural festival. Later that fall, Koeda and Masamune end up in the same group for the school field trip. They share plenty of fun, romantic moments while traveling through Nara and Kyoto, but partway through their trip, an unexpected incident interrupts their plans! Check out volume 11 of the slow-burn romance of a pure-hearted girl stumbling through love.

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During the Christmas party at Masamune’s house, Koeda learned that Masamune’s parents are remarried and that Masamune isn’t blood-related to his dad. Masamune himself said that he wasn’t concerned about...

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Most Recent Volume: My Sweet Girl, Volume 13

With Koeda's career problems were resolved, and Masamune and her decide to aim for the same university. They finally reach their final year of high school life. Koeda agrees with...

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