My Sweet Girl, Volume 2

After Koeda meets a frank and honest boy, Masamune, her feelings for him continue to grow. On their summer vacation, she goes to the seaside with him and his friends, and what happens there brings them suddenly closer together. Later on, she visits him while he's laid up with a cold in bed. She takes care of him, but he's started behaving strangely towards her since their trip to the beach ... Here's Volume 2 of a pure slow-step love story for all the girls who are awkward in love!

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At last, Koeda and Masamune share their love for each other!! But Koeda doesn't know how to be herself with Masamune since she hasn't confessed her love or dated a...

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Most Recent Volume: My Sweet Girl, Volume 13

With Koeda's career problems were resolved, and Masamune and her decide to aim for the same university. They finally reach their final year of high school life. Koeda agrees with...

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