My Sweet Girl, Volume 5

The time is February and Valentine’s day is around the corner. Koeda who dropped her heart hair clip by mistake runs into her ex-classmate Kiyodo again while she is looking for it ... !! Certain memories of her junior high school days which she wants to erase completely come back and unsettle Koeda. Then, to her surprise, Kiyodo tells her what she’s least expected ... Is stormy weather coming to Koeda and Masamune's love?! 

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Koeda promises Masamune that she won’t meet up with Kiyodo anymore. The hair clip Koeda dropped comes back to her and she begins preparing for Valentine’s Day! Meanwhile, Masamune who...

cover for My Sweet Girl, 13

Most Recent Volume: My Sweet Girl, Volume 13

With Koeda's career problems were resolved, and Masamune and her decide to aim for the same university. They finally reach their final year of high school life. Koeda agrees with...

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