My Sweet Girl, Volume 7

Koeda's emotions waver between Masamune and Kiyodo. Koeda promises Masamune to close the door on Kiyodo but after, Masamune reveals some completely unexpected news to her. Kiyodo meets Masamune again as White Day is approaching. The two wind up having a karaoke singing match with the condition that the loser will do whatever the winner tells him to do ... ! The story with Kiyodo that's quickly grown popular with readers finally reaches its climax!!

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Koeda has experienced various "firsts" with Masamune, and now their first year in high school is finally over! Koeda wants to spend spring break together, but Masamune has been acting...

cover for My Sweet Girl, 13

Most Recent Volume: My Sweet Girl, Volume 13

With Koeda's career problems were resolved, and Masamune and her decide to aim for the same university. They finally reach their final year of high school life. Koeda agrees with...

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