cover for Nina the Starry Bride, 2

Nina the Starry Bride, Volume 2

Nina is a poor orphan with eyes the color of lapis lazuli, just like the god of the stars. But one day she comes to the attention of the second prince of Fortna, Azure Seth Fortna, because of those beautiful eyes. He wants her to serve as a double for princess-priestess Alisha, who died three months before she was to be married off to the crown prince of the large, neighboring country of Galgada. After being asked to learn etiquette, to dress like a princess, and to deceive an entire nation, Nina finds herself drawn to Azure. And Azure, likewise, begins to desire Nina—who was supposed to be only a pawn—for his own?! Watch these two wrestle with a once in a lifetime love while fate toys with them in the second volume of this ultimate palace fantasy!