cover for Nina the Starry Bride, 5

Nina the Starry Bride, Volume 5

Nina, the girl with eyes the color of Lapis Lazuli, was scouted by Fortna's second prince Azure to act as a replacement for the dead Princess Alisha, who was to be married off to the neighboring land of Galgada. These two who were born under lonely stars found themselves drawn to one another. However, Nina swears she will become the queen of Galgada in order to protect Azure from the King of Fortna, who is plotting against his life. But the crown prince of Galgada, Sett, is a cruel young man who has never known love. She suggests he try falling in love with her, and they grow a little closer, but then the king suddenly eliminates the current order of succession, and a war for the throne revolving around taking Nina breaks out. And then Azure arrives as a messenger from Fortna?! Don't miss the fifth volume of this courtly fantasy series about fate and the trials and tribulations of love.