Nina the Starry Bride, Volume 7

The girl with lapis lazuli eyes, Nina, is chosen to act as a double for Fortna's Princess Alisha by the second prince, Azure. Over time, she falls for him, but is then forced to leave for the country of Galgada to marry their crown prince in order to save Azure from a plot against his life. Sett, a prince who doesn't know love, treats Nina coldly at first, but gradually develops feelings for her. Then, the line of succession for the Galgadan throne is wiped clean, and a contest to win it by taking Nina breaks out instead. As if to throw even more fuel on the fire, Azure arrives in disguise as a messenger from Fortna. When everything comes to a head, Nina's “lady-in-waiting” Hikami poisons Sett. He survives, but Nina is suspected of this assassination attempt after Hikami abandons her at the scene of the crime. Once she is shipped to the far-eastern prison of Griffigeld, where it is said that no one ever leaves alive, as punishment, can Nina prove her innocence? Find out in the seventh volume of this entrancing classic fantasy story where destiny holds the reins.