Nina the Starry Bride, Volume 8

In order to save Azure's life, Nina, the girl with lapis lazuli-colored eyes, goes to Galgada disguised as a princess to be married. She grows close to Galgada's Prince Sett, who doesn't know love, and decides to spend her life with him, but then Azure arrives disguised as a messenger from Fortna! When everything comes to a head, Nina's "lady-in-waiting" Hikami poisons Sett but fails to kill him. Used by Hikami and left alone at the scene, Nina is sent to Griffigeld Prison as a suspected assassin. After she meets General Holt there, the two join forces to confront the warden, and Azure once again arrives when she gets in trouble!! Fate rages inevitably onward in this tumultuous eighth volume of this classic fantasy story!