Nina the Starry Bride, Volume 9

In order to save Azure’s life, Nina, the girl with lapis lazuli-colored eyes, goes to Galgada disguised as a princess to be married. She grows close to Galgada’s Prince Sett, who doesn’t know love, and decides to spend her life with him, but then Azure arrives disguised as a messenger from Fortna!

After her lady-in-waiting Hikami attempts to poison Sett, Nina is sent to Griffigeld Prison! When the warden attempts to kill her, Azure arrives just in the nick of time!

But Sett finds out about Nina’s deceptions and attacks her in order to end everything once and for all. When Nina learns of Sett’s despair and realizes her own sin, she tries to fulfill her promise to him…but the price paid for it is beyond her wildest imagination!

What lies beyond the thorny road before Nina, Az, and Sett?! Don’t miss the 9th volume of this classic fantasy story!!