Ninja Girls, Volume 3

Raizô and his beautiful ninja entourage stumble into the fateful contest to rule the Yagyô family. The winner leads the clan and marries the princess—but the princess has her own ideas, as does someone working evil magic from outside the competition! Can Raizô even survive amid the combat-happy Yagyôs?

Next Volume: Ninja Girls, Volume 4

As Raizô and his kunoichi continue their journey, they meet Azami, a girl who persists in joining the group. She wins over Raizô with her domestic skills and kindness, but...

Most Recent Volume: Ninja Girls, Volume 9

Raizô and his kunoichi are on a mission to confront Kabuki Seigan and rescue Kagari. The odds are against them as Seigan commands the deadly Army of 100 Flowers. However,...

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