Ninja Girls, Volume 5

On the advice of Mizuchi, Raizô and his kunoichi take to the seas in search of the princess of Shima.  Unfortunately, a terrible storm separates Raizô from his kunoichi and lands him on a boat full of slavers who intend to sell him!  Will Raizô escape and be reunited with his beloved ninja girls?

Next Volume: Ninja Girls, Volume 6

After a dramatic confrontation with the evil pirate Shiuba, Raizô parts ways with Tsunami. He meets a lovely missionary known as Anjo, or Angel. Raizô begins to fall in love...

Most Recent Volume: Ninja Girls, Volume 9

Raizô and his kunoichi are on a mission to confront Kabuki Seigan and rescue Kagari. The odds are against them as Seigan commands the deadly Army of 100 Flowers. However,...

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