Ninja Girls, Volume 6

After a dramatic confrontation with the evil pirate Shiuba, Raizô parts ways with Tsunami. He meets a lovely missionary known as Anjo, or Angel. Raizô begins to fall in love with the selfless and generous Angel. Will Raizô and Angel end up on Cloud Nine or will kabuki Seigan find yet another way to ruin Raizô's heavenly hopes?

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The kunoichi are called back to Iga to attend the Ritual of 100 Arts. The leader-to-be of the shinobi of the Katana clan must go through the Ritual of 100...

Most Recent Volume: Ninja Girls, Volume 9

Raizô and his kunoichi are on a mission to confront Kabuki Seigan and rescue Kagari. The odds are against them as Seigan commands the deadly Army of 100 Flowers. However,...

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