Noragami: Stray God, Volume 3

FIGHTING THE BLIGHT After the near disaster with Bishamon, YatoÊtakes Yukine and retreats. Hiyori finds YatoÊin bad shape as his blight reaches a criticalÊlevel. Yukine continues to torture his masterÊwith his bad behavior, causing the blight toÊworsen and even threaten the god's life. HiyoriÊtries to desperately find someone to help Yato.ÊCan any of Yato's few friends save him? DoesÊthe stray god even have friends? From the eBook edition.

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Though a powerful warrior goddess, Bishamonten suffers from taking on so many shinki. Among Bishamon's many shinki, a terrible plan is formed by one of her most trusted aides. This...

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FAMILY MATTERS As Yato and Kazuma continue to hunt the crafter, Kōto convinces his new shinki to confront his past. Now Yukiné is determined to track down the family that...

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