Oh, Those Hanazono Twins 3, Volume

Tatara Tani, average in both sports and studies, is attending high school with his childhood friends, the twin sisters Ranko and Yuriko. Ranko is an ultra-fashionista, while Yuriko is a famous idol. Yuriko is way out of his league, and even to this day, Tatara continues to admire the idol in his one-sided crush. But suddenly out of the blue, Yuriko invites Tatara out for a date, and Tatara's life becomes intertwined with the twins' secret! Thus begins their love triangle that no one can know! A story of twins with two times the excitement!! "I like Tatara!" Yuriko and Ranko have come to terms with their feelings. But being an idol means that Yuriko is forbidden from dating, and in order for Ranko to protect their relationship as secret lovers, she could not confess. Meanwhile, a mysterious classmate appears before Tatara and Ranko, and she invites Ranko to her band, making waves in the new volume. The twins' love story escalates even further with these turn of events! The bittersweet love troubles are raging at 200 percent!