Orient, Volume 2

"I will defeat...all the Demon Gods!!" Musashi and Kojiro have set out on their quest to eradicate the demons in the land of Hinomoto. However, just when they expected to seize their first victory against the Demon God "Hellfire Tengu," it was defeated instead by the captain of the Takeda Band of Bushi, Naotora Takeda. That frustration lights a fire under Musashi, as he and Kojiro set out to find the next Demon God, and begin their quest for "Unity Under Heaven!"

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After escaping the clutches of allies turned rivals, this burgeoning Band of Samurai gets some much-needed aid and wisdom from a new member, the experienced samurai Tsugumi. But they’re going...

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A new series from Shinobu Ohtaka, creator of "Magi"! The setting is Japan's Warring States period, and the country has been conquered by demons. Two boys, Musashi and Kojiro, have...

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