Orient, Volume 5

A new series from Shinobu Ohtaka, creator of "Magi"! The setting is Japan's Warring States period, and the country has been conquered by demons. Two boys, Musashi and Kojiro, have made it their dream to form the strongest band of bushi and eradicate the demons. A one-of-a-kind Japanese fantasy! At the Daitou Mine, the mysterious swordsman Shirou Inukai is attacking Kojiro and Tsugumi. Inukai has a single objective: "to steal katanas." Musashi has come running back after escaping the trap he fell into, but the three of them seem helpless against Inukai's strange power...However, the obsidian power slumbering within Musashi has awakened, and the Kanemaki Band's counterattack starts now!