Our Bodies, Entwining, Entwined, Volume 3

Following being told by her ex-boyfriend that sex with her was boring, Misuzu, age 29, became a coward when it came to relationships. Misuzu finds herself unable to move forward because she equates dating someone as having sex being a foregone conclusion. However, one day, her coworker, Mikage, professes his feelings for her, saying he’d always loved her. This leads to the two of them becoming a couple. The truth is, Mikage has his own hang-up about sex. He can’t get hard when he’s nervous. Their bodies begin to entwine by taking things at their own pace and honestly telling one another what they want to do and have done to themselves. One night, amid a downpour just like the one the night they began to date, the two of them finally cross a threshold in a tender, sweet moment, and then—?!