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Our Fake Marriage, Volume 7

On the way home from a friend's wedding, Takumi told Yae that they should end their "sham marriage." Although she went into shock at this sudden development, after hearing the truth behind her split with Takumi from Jun-san, she chased after Takumi to the far off country of the Republic of Malta. What will be their fate when the two finally meet again…?!

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Next Volume: Our Fake Marriage, Volume 8

Yae is radiating happiness after Takumi proposes to her. That’s when Ayumu, the eldest Natsume son, comes to visit from NY. Just when they think they’re home safe after being...

Most Recent Volume: Our Fake Marriage, Volume 9

Takumi and Yae return to their hometown to help prepare for Takumi's brother's wedding, as well as to ask Yae's family for permission for her own hand in marriage. On...

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