Peach Girl, Volume 7

Sae’s gone too far for too long,​ and now it’s time for her to pay! Kiley and Momo decide to set Sae up with her "dream date"—only this is the date from hell.​ Kiley hires an actor to put the moves on Sae and turn into a major pervert before her very eyes.​ Serves her right! But when they carry out their conniving plan,​ something goes drastically wrong,​ and Sae is put in real danger.​ It’s up to Momo to save the day,​ but can she find it in her heart to rescue her worst enemy?​

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Will Sae ever give up her shady ways?​ When Sly Sae blackmails Toji with incriminating pictures of Toji and Goro,​ he feels the only way he can protect Momo is...

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