Peach Girl, Volume 8

Will Sae ever give up her shady ways?? When Sly Sae blackmails Toji with incriminating pictures of Toji and Goro,? he feels the only way he can protect Momo is to go along with Sae's scheme and distance himself from her.? Momo can't believe that her red-hot romance has cooled so suddenly and quickly falls into a deep depression.? Kiley does his best to cheer her up,? and Momo soon questions her fiery feelings for him.? As the new school year begins,? Momo and Kiley are assigned to the same homeroom - and so are Toji and Sae.? Everything comes to a head at a school field trip in the mountains,? when sneaky Sae can't resist pulling another dirty trick on Momo.? When Kiley heroically saves the day,? Momo can't help but wonder if he's her knight in shining armor.?..

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