Piano Duo for the Left Hand, Volume 2

It's only been a short time since tragedy struck and genius pianist Akari Yuzuki passed away…but unknown to most, she lives on as the left hand of rough voiced and rough mannered delinquent, Shusuke Matoba! In an attempt to save Akari's best friend Neri Kuon, he frantically practices the piano, and though he only first touched the keys a month ago, thanks to instruction from Akari's father Mikage and his own natural ear, he's finally ready to surprise her at a piano competition! But can his awkward melody—and Akari's gentle accompaniment—save Kuon from despair?

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Now that he's finally set his sights on becoming a pianist, things at school are easy for former delinquent Shusuke Matoba. But he's starting to realize just how long and...