cover for Police in a Pod, 10

Police in a Pod, Volume 10

"I wish I could be a robocop..." There are times when we think it'd be much easier to work on our days off, have our superiors complain about us in way too much detail, be surrounded by sentimental detectives, and rid ourselves of all emotion. Still, we complain, laugh, and manage to work! This volume marks the start of the special series, “Cherry Blossom of the Class,” that takes a closer look at Fuji’s other classmate and the real reason why she was transferred to a police box!!

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“The real reason for Fuji’s transferred is…” The long series, “Cherry Blossom of the Class”, that started in the previous volume which depicts another one of Fuji and Minamoto’s classmates...

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"""Paying a visit to Captain Saruwatari?!” A mysterious man named Kozo Maemura suddenly barges into the captain’s office. This man leads us to discover the truth behind the ""Okuokajima case,”...

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