Police in a Pod, Volume 12

“Will the perpetrator be caught at last?!” Members of the Machiyama Station continue to pursue the perpetrator of the hit-and-run against Fuji and Minamoto’s classmate, Sakura. They finally find an “overly suspicious man”! But, for some reason, Kawai is the one to question him… Will they be able to solve the case? And what will be the shocking conclusion…?! Even though this marks the end of the long series, their regular duties befall them every day… Be sure to check out Volume 12 for more police officers taking on the most trivial of cases with the utmost seriousness!!

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“New members! Saruwatari and Kisaragi!” Captain Saruwatari and Chief Kisaragi, aka the porn prince, have been newly assigned to Machiyama Station. Their arrival spurs on a turbulent Machiyama Station. There’s...

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“I hear that you’re ‘three steps away!’” An important award for an important partner! Minamoto, Kawai, Kisaragi, and the lieutenant can’t help but feel nervous about receiving an award from...

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