Police in a Pod, Volume 13

“New members! Saruwatari and Kisaragi!” Captain Saruwatari and Chief Kisaragi, aka the porn prince, have been newly assigned to Machiyama Station. Their arrival spurs on a turbulent Machiyama Station. There’s Kisaragi, who wants fraud groups to suffer a terrible fate, Makitaka, who tackles the issue of domestic violence, and Kana, who deals with prostitution. Moreover, this volume is packed with the Police in a Pod that you’ve come to love, which includes Kawai training to obtain an official license and just the right talent!

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"""Paying a visit to Captain Saruwatari?!” A mysterious man named Kozo Maemura suddenly barges into the captain’s office. This man leads us to discover the truth behind the ""Okuokajima case,” which...

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“I hear that you’re ‘three steps away!’” An important award for an important partner! Minamoto, Kawai, Kisaragi, and the lieutenant can’t help but feel nervous about receiving an award from...

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