cover for Police in a Pod, 4

Police in a Pod, Volume 4

The debut of Kana Kuroda in volume 4 is a huge success!! Referred to as the Kunoichi investigator, she excels at tailing and infiltration, and can disguise herself as anything from a high school girl to a hostess at a bar, blending in wherever she goes. She’s the most clever (crafty) person at the station! The new and improved team members tackle traffic accidents, exhibitionists, strange corpses, a girls’ night out, and drinking at home? They’ll overcome any crime scene whilst complaining!

cover for Police in a Pod, 5

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“We’re always working while others are having fun…” Police officers want to have fun, too. But, there’s no end to the work. From summer festival security and molestation investigations to...

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“Do you know of the plum tree poem?” A profound question that Captain Saruwatari asks Kana… After the Okuokajima case, it’s been out of the frying pan and into the...

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