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Police in a Pod, Volume 6

“Police officers are allies of justice who protect the public!” Or at least they’re supposed to resemble Precure...and yet they’re unpopular with adults as well as children. Nevertheless, the pair of Fuji and Kawai give it all they’ve got!! This volume is also packed with your typical police cases such as raids, forensics, tailing, composite investigations, and routine inspections! But, behind the scenes exist a number of little-known hardships! While their work is despised and underappreciated, today brings another set of a crime scenes!

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“Police officers have a lot going on, too.” The work of a police officer is very diverse. Police box girls, detention officers, burglary detectives, yakuza detectives, those in charge of...

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“Do you know of the plum tree poem?” A profound question that Captain Saruwatari asks Kana… After the Okuokajima case, it’s been out of the frying pan and into the...

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