cover for Police in a Pod, 8

Police in a Pod, Volume 8

“Attack of the inspectors!!” One day, inspectors come to the Machiyama police box to monitor the police officers. Also known as the "police of the police," they are the ones that police officers fear the most. But, the Machiyama four, who usually deal with their official duties honestly and properly (?) should be fine… In addition to being on the look out for zombies, and the decision of whether to hold it in or go to the bathroom, this volume features all sorts of “important matters?” and “laughs”!

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“Better safe than sorry?” Police work is diverse, and police officers are trained in variety of ways on how to properly deal with it. Not only is there the hellish...

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“Do you know of the plum tree poem?” A profound question that Captain Saruwatari asks Kana… After the Okuokajima case, it’s been out of the frying pan and into the...

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