Princess Resurrection Nightmare, Volume 3

The Princess of Monsters and young Hiro find themselves surrounded by the grotesque. A beast with ferocious jaws attacks from the Pacific Ocean; the world goes mad after a parallel universe appears out of nowhere; unidentified creatures wriggle and lurk in the deepest parts of a cave; and an unknown blood relative appears. Are all these things drawn towards Hime? Hiro’s suffering continues.

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Sparks rain down like destiny on the Princess of Monsters. A deceptive predator turns on the supreme rulers of civilization. A silent night turns bloody in an abandoned village. Deformed...

cover for Princess Resurrection Nightmare, 7

Most Recent Volume: Princess Resurrection Nightmare, Volume 7

Even with her memories restored, the nightmare continues for Hime and the gang. As they uncover the secrets about the royals and the androids, the Princess of Monsters and her...